I Asked For Squid Maids But I Didn't Know I'd Become One!

I Asked For Squid Maids But I Didn't Know I'd Become One!

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Content you posted in-game has been deleted.
Violation: Advertising and/or Promotional Content.

What do you do when a console manufacturer deletes your drawing because they mistake it for a light novel advertisement?


Hey hi my name is Alex Zandra and I do a lot of things; one of which is draw fake light novel covers (silly situation + excessively long title) and post them to Twitter. When folks started drawing ingame postcards about squid maids in everyone’s favorite paint-based multiplayer phenomenon, I made one of my own! But two days later, I got the message above. The decision was final. So I decided to prove them right—by actually making the book a reality. And now it’s here in your hands! So settle in for 64 pages of maids, squids, squid maids, self-discovery, and a LOT of gender feels. Because that’s what I do.

This is a light novel of 64 pages, staple-bound, with 9+ black & white illustrations. The cover features black & white art on colored, thick paper.

This is the physical version of the book; if you'd like the digital one (in PDF and ePub), please head on over to 

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